When I can claim my rewards?

We don't have any lock periods for rewards. You are able to claim it since the first block after the deposit.
How is Tetu different from previous yield aggregators?
Tetu is a multi product, multi chain decentralized protocol. Tetu is building a DeFi money lego with integrated strategies between different native products, such as TetuSwap which deposits LP assets in Tetu's yield farming vaults providing even greater returns for LPs.
What is the function of the liquidity balancer smart contract?
One of the biggest problems with a protocol's native token is price fluctuation. The Tetu team chose to sacrifice a large portion of the Tetu token emissions given to the DEV fund. This capital will be used to maintain a stable price for the Tetu token via removing/adding liquidity from/into Tetu liquidity pools across different DEX protocols. Details.​
Is Tetu Finance vulnerable to flashloan exploits?
Tetu finance will not be trading or swapping the underlying assets deposited into the vaults, but rather accept deposits in the form of LP tokens from other protocols. This derisks Tetu users from flashloan exploits. In the future, should the team and community decide to implement strategies that swap or trade the underlying assets within the vaults (albeit highly unlikely), an oracle solution will be implemented with an audit from a reputable security company.
How do I get involved within the Tetu community?
Community members who show passion and have sufficient understanding of the protocol may be eligible to contribute as developers, writers, or community moderators and receive salaries in Tetu tokens (or a combination of Tetu and USDC) based on the number of hours devoted to the project. Details.​
What are the DEV funds used for?
The DEV funds are used to pay salaries to builders and contributors and to seed the capital required for the liquidity balancer contract.
Do you have a timelock for your vaults/strategies?
Yes, Tetu smart contracts have a 48 hour time lock. Details.​
Does Tetu have a multisig wallet?
Yes, fund allocation and changes to the protocol require a 3/4 multi-sig verification. Details. ​
Is Tetu audited?
Yes, Tetu is audited by DeFiYield, PeckShield and CertiK.
Are there deposit or withdrawal fees?
There are neither deposit nor withdrawal fees. But in auto compound vaults there are fees of 1% of the auto compound. Some single asset vaults on Fantom have 10% auto compound fees.
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