Maximum Supply

TETU Max Supply is 1 Billion. This means that there will never be more than 1 Billion TETU circulating on the market.

Total Supply

It is the amount of TETU that has already been minted. When TETU is farmed by users or spent on development by the team, TETU becomes available on the market as part of the circulating supply.
  • Total Supply can be checked on PolygonScan
  • Tetu tokens' Total Supply on the BSC network can be checked on BSCscan.
  • TETU's total supply on the Fantom network can be viewed on FTMScan.

Circulating Supply

It is the amount of TETU already circulating on the market. It is this amount that is TETU's Market Cap. A very effective way to get the approximate Circulating Supply from TETU is to subtract the amount of TETU available in FundKeeper from the amount indicated in Total Supply. The result will be the approximate Circulating Supply.
Total Supply - FundKeeper = Circulating Supply