xTETU and dxTETU

Where can I redeem xTETU for TETU?
In the xTETU vault in the main page. xTETU rewards received are automatically in the xTETU vault.
When I claim xTETU rewards are they locked up for a period before I can redeem them for TETU?
No, the locking period occurs during the Reward Boosting System, once xTETU rewards are received they can be immediately redeemed to TETU.
What are xTETU tokens?
xTETU tokens are interest bearing tokens that represent ownership of the TETU Profit Sharing pool. Every vault available in TETU distributes xTETU tokens as rewards. xTETU tokens can be redeemed for TETU at any time.
Basically you are rewarded wrapped Tetu (xTETU) from the different vaults. So the rewards to be vested from the vaults are in the profit share even before you claim or can claim them - in all this time, their value compared to TETU will increase. The claim merely transfers ownership of the xTETU in the profit share from the vault address to yours (between 30-100% of them depending on how long you've been in the vault). if you ask for the ownership to be transferred before 28 days, you concede the right to claiming the rest of the xTETU the vault has to distribute (effectively leaving them for the others who deposited in the vault).
Where can I see the amount of TETU for each xTETU?
Open the xTETU vault and in the upper right corner click on "info" the Price Per Full Share indicates the amount of TETU that each xTETU token is worth.
Why my xTETU amount is not increasing?
The xTETU amount does not increase, value is added to xTETU through each buyback increasing xTETU price per full share.
What is the difference between Staking xTETU and dxTETU?
xTETU has more flexibility, users can withdraw it anytime, dxTETU has a locking mechanism but it allows users to earn more rewards, it is currently incentivized and allows holders to vote in governance proposals
What are the advantages of dxTETU over xTETU?
dxTETU has a higher APR due to possible emissions incentives and early exit penalties, dxTETU also allows you to participate in TETU governance through DAO votings.
Why does 90% of the yield rewards go towards Profit Share pool buybacks?
The protocol chooses to implement Profit Share pool buybacks in order to lock in value for its native tokens and reward those who believe in the project. The buyback percentage can be adjusted via community decision.
How do I sell xTETU tokens?
There is no liquidity for xTETU tokens, you must claim TETU on the xTETU vault and then sell TETU.
What happens when I claim rewards on dxTETU? I've claimed but can't see my rewards.
Diamond Vault rewards are distributed in dxTETU tokens, you may notice that after claiming your rewards your amount of dxTETU tokens in Diamond Vault has increased.