Tetu is a Polygon-based, web3 asset management protocol employing automated yield farming strategies. Its primary mission is to foster a self-sustaining yield management ecosystem that delivers consistent, competitive returns. Tetu operates under three core principles:

Revenue Tokenization

Every veTETU token represents a share in the protocol's profits. This is not tied to the market price but rather to the protocol's revenue-generating capacity.

Income Generation

Tetu's structure naturally facilitates an accumulation effect for veTETU holders. The tokenomics induce scarcity over time, positioning the APR of veTETU as a steady income closely tied to Tetu's earnings capabilities.

Yield Value

The TETU token's value is intrinsically linked to its income generation ability. The income sources for veTETU dynamically adjust in response to market trends, capitalizing on the most advantageous farming opportunities.

In addition to these core principles, Tetu prioritizes constant adaptation and innovation. Tetu's team continually refines its strategies in response to market dynamics, ensuring cutting-edge yield farming optimization.

Furthermore, Tetu values its community, encouraging active participation and feedback to shape the protocol's future. Tetu nurtures a forward-thinking community that recognizes the transformative potential of decentralized finance and welcomes everyone who shares this vision.

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