Tetu.io contracts update 1.1.0

The goal of the update adds reward boost functionality and prepare contracts for the Zapping solution.

Contract addresses:

new announcer logic - 0x12e4a470Ed725a0450D543C41006DA678809B2b8

new controller logic - 0x2B2105f79d91196091502476d7F00d482d223Db3

vault controller - 0xC5b3aF6FB4b2ff14642e337F41B86C9494f70b43

new vaultLogic - 0x52646dfb3E1D540D85DC32223A220a6F9c7eD759

Changes https://github.com/tetu-io/tetu-contracts/compare/release-1.0.0...release-1.1.0

Base contract changes


Added announce function for single uint256 variables

Added announce function for stopping vaults

Fixed minor bug for the clear announces function. Now clear announce don't change array ordering and opHash code for multiple announces can be fetched normally.

The clear function is now able to call for DAO address.


Moved changeVaultsStatuses, addRewardTokens, removeRewardTokens functions to VaultController. The reason - space in the controller ended.

Added VaultController address functionality

Added recipient address for controllerTokenMove function - require for moving tokens from disabled vaults directly to NotifyHelper

New contract - VaultController + VaultControllerStorage

Similar contract as Controller.

Will contain governance functions specified for vaults.

Old non-time-locked functions: changeVaultsStatuses, addRewardTokens, removeRewardTokens

New time-locked function: setRewardBoostDuration, setRewardRatioWithoutBoost, stopVault


Boost Reward functionality added.

Functions: changeActivityStatus, addRewardToken, removeRewardToken now able to call only from VaultController.

Added to function: notifyTargetRewardAmount additional overflow checking.

Added stop function. This action will move all reward tokens to the controller contract.

Infrastucture contract changes

Added new contracts ZapContract and MultiSwap

More details in Tetu Zap Solution

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