Tetu is focused on providing innovative DeFi solutions to bring greater efficiency and convenience to users. The development focus is on creating new products that can be used by new users making DeFi accessible to the general public.

Some Tetu products go further and create an impression of greater complexity and sophistication for the unaccustomed user. However, the time required for learning is not high, and when using Tetu, users realize that it is quite simple. Read a summary of Tetu's main products below:


veTETU is the governance token of Tetu and is used to participate in governance votings. Holders of veTETU are able to vote on platform attributes and gauge reflection votes collecting bribes. Additionally, veTETU earns a share of Tetu's profits.

Single Assets and LP

Tetu offers opportunities categorized primarily into single asset vaults and LP vaults. Single asset vaults leverage the advanced Strategy Splitter mechanism, automatically allocating deposited assets across multiple strategies based on their current profitability, thereby optimizing yield generation without exposing users to the risk of impermanent loss. On the other hand, LP vaults typically offer higher yield farming returns, though with an associated risk of impermanent loss.

Strategy Splitter

Strategy Splitter is a product developed by Tetu that automatically allocates single assets deposited in the vault into different strategies based on their current profitability. This process allows for the optimization of asset allocation and maximization of profits for users. The amount of assets dedicated to each strategy is dynamically adjusted based on its current earnings. In case of changes in the environment of earnings, the Strategy Splitter may reduce or increase the allocation of assets in a given strategy to ensure optimal performance.

Delta-neutral strategies

Delta-neutral strategies, integral to Tetu's investment practices, aim to balance a portfolio's exposure to changes in the prices of underlying assets. This effectively mitigates potential losses amidst market volatility, thus stabilizing returns. Employing these sophisticated delta-neutral strategies underlines Tetu's innovative approach to yield optimization, managing risk while providing a secure and consistent investment experience.


tetuBAL is one of Tetu’s liquidity staking products. It is integrated with the Balancer platform, a decentralized automated market maker built on the Ethereum chain. tetuBAL exposes holders to the benefits of staking veBAL, Balancer’s governance token. With tetuBAL, users do not need to stick to a 50:50 ratio when providing liquidity. The tetuBAL token automatically balances liquidity provided in the right proportion. tetuBAL gives users access to the smart pool while providing exit liquidity. The benefits of staking holding tetuBAL include governance rights, low transaction fees, and optimum veTETU yields.

Tetu's tetuBAL strategy is a unique liquid staking product that leverages cross-chain operability to allow users to easily farm the benefits of the veBAL strategy on the Ethereum mainnet from the simplicity of the Polygon network. In order to participate in tetuBAL, users need to lock BAL-ETH LP tokens permanently.

The power provided by veBAL locked in Tetu is exercised through gauge reflection votes, and both tetuBAL and veTETU participate in the gauge votings to allocate the available veBAL power held by Tetu. The allocation of veBAL power is determined by the votes.

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