Tetu is focused on providing innovative DeFI solutions to bring greater efficiency and convenience to users. The development focus is on creating new products that can be used by new users making DeFi accessible to the general public.
Some Tetu products go further and create an impression of greater complexity and sophistication for the unaccustomed user. However, the time required for learning is not high and when using Tetu users realize that it is quite simple. Read a summary of Tetu's main products below:

Single Assets and LP

These are the most common categories of yield farming, single asset vaults usually use folding strategies and focus on providing a safer yield alternative without the risk of impermanent loss while LP vaults generally provide a higher yield farming return and risk of impermanent loss.

xTETU and dxTETU

xTETU is the token representing TETU deposited in the Profit Share vault. Many Tetu rewards are already distributed directly in xTETU which is an interest bearing token that increases in value as the Tetu protocol generates profits. xTETU can be deposited into the Diamond Vault which is represented by the dxTETU token. dxTETU receive extra rewards from emissions, early exit penalty and also governs the Tetu protocol by participating in governance decisions.

Multi Strategy

Multi Strategies are automated, slightly leveraged yield farming strategies that utilize multiple protocols to increase returns and minimize financial risks. These strategies deliver greater profitability through a process that eliminates the risk of impermanent loss and provides near-zero liquidation risk.


tetuQi are QI technically locked for a permanent period in QiDao and it provides users with the returns earned by locked QI for the maximum period and an option to exit the vault by selling tetuQi for QI. eQI is used by Tetu to vote in QiDao in favor of rewards for Tetu Multi Strategies.
xtetuQi is an interest bearing token that provides auto compound earnings from tetuQi. It creates synergy for tetuQi LP because half of its assets are automatically deposited in xtetuQi receiving auto compound earnings.


TetuSwap is Tetu's Decentralized Exchange. Traders can swap crypto assets by paying one of the lowest swap fees available in DeFi, just 0.10% per swap. Liquidity providers get better performance by the integration of TetuSwap with Tetu so that LP assets are automatically deposited into Tetu's yield farming vaults earning yields while they are not being used for swaps.