Comment on page contracts update 1.2.0

These changes were made since version 1.1.0 and deployed during September-October 2021
The most sensitive upgrade for vaults is a milestone for upping the version.
Compatability for old strategies saved, mass strategy update not require.

Common changes

Strategies now have an additional interface for computing KPI. All third-party interfaces were moved. The logic for computation weekly rewards moved to RewardCalculator
Added ArrayLib
Added AutoRewarder and RewardCalculator
Infrastructure folders rearranged
New strategies: Curve / Iron Lending / Cafe / Cosmic / Dino / Hermes / Iron Swap
The first version of TetuPawnshop contract


Added logic for register rewards distribution process. This logic requires for KPI calculation
Gas optimized removing from arrays regarding auditors recommendation


Check controller when register vault+strategy pair


Made contract able to deploy with Proxy. Added storage
Adjust revert messages
Added logic for split PS profit to TETU liquidity
Changed notifing vaults with function notifyRewardWithoutPeriodChange
Added simple public function for liquidating assets
Adjusted liquidation process for able to handle independent amounts


Added changePpfsDecreasePermissions for able to work with folding strategies


Revert messages improved
Lock mechanic for DiamondVault
Settings for allow ppfsDecrease for HardWork
Register reward distribution in Bookkeeper


Added logic for DiamondVault distribution