Tetu Boosted Pools

Tetu Boosted Pools offer an innovative way for users to maximize their yield farming potential. Similar to AAVE boosted pools on Balancer, Tetu Boosted Pools employ Tetu vaults powered by strategy splitter instead of AAVE. This shift offers users a unique opportunity to increase their yields by utilizing a range of advanced strategies.

The basic concept of Tetu Boosted Pools is that when users deposit on Balancer, any idle assets are automatically deposited into Tetu vaults. These vaults are designed to generate additional income by automatically investing in various platforms.

The Tetu Boosted Pools incorporates a unique feature from Tetu's vaults known as Strategy Splitter. The Splitter allocates deposited assets between different DeFi platforms such as AAVE, Compound and dFORCE. This allows users to diversify their investments and earn higher yields through multiple platforms. The Tetu Boosted Pools offer a number of advantages over traditional yield farming strategies. By utilizing Tetu Boosted Pools, users can achieve a higher return on investment with minimal risk. Additionally, the strategy is fully automated, allowing users to earn yield on their assets without the need for constant monitoring.

For those interested in learning more about Balancer Boosted Pools, comprehensive documentation is available.

To invest in Tetu Boosted Pools, visit the Balancer pools page on Polygon and search for Tetu.

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