Diamond Vault dxTETU

The locking mechanism for xTETU.


The Diamond Vault - also known as dxTETU in TETU's decentralized application - is the platform's 90-day locked vault for xTETU. TETU developed dxTETU to encourage long-term investment and help decrease price volatility while also rewarding investors and incentivizing them to participate in Tetu's governance.

Investors seeking to support TETU's long-term growth and stability while also potentially receiving significantly higher returns on their xTETU should consider dxTETU. In exchange for "locking up" xTETU for 90 days and facing significant penalties for premature withdrawals, dxTETU holders have received historically much higher xTETU APRs, governance rights, as well as emission incentives. These emission incentives include receiving additional xTETU pursuant to the platform's emissions schedule.

All investors in the Diamond Vault DAO proposal voted on dxTETU's locking period and the result was 90 days.

Early Exit Penalties

Investors do have the option of withdrawing locked funds prior to the expiration of 90 days. However, such withdrawals face potentially steep penalties. Regardless of when the early withdrawal is done, a depositor will automatically receive 50% of the deposited funds. Next, investors will receive (50% of the remaining balance) multiplied by (the number of days since their first deposit or last withdrawal divided by 90 days). As an example:

  • Investor A deposits 1000 xTETU into dxTETU on January 1.

  • Investor A, hoping to capitalize on a price spike, elects to make an early withdrawal 10 days later.

  • Investor A will first receive 50% of the deposited funds, or 500 xTETU.

  • Investor A then receives (50% of the remaining balance, or 50% of the remaining 500 xTETU) x (10 days/90 days), which is (250 xTETU) x (10/90), or 27.7777778 xTETU.

In the above example, Investor A would receive 527.7777778 xTETU even though they deposited 1000 xTETU into The Diamond Vault just 10 days earlier.

Investors expressly consent to these early withdrawal penalties before confirming their dxTETU deposit when they receive and must agree to the following advisal:

  • Warning! Any funds deposited into dxTETU are locked for 90 days. While you will be able to withdraw funds prior to the 90-day lock period expiring, you will only receive 50% of your deposited funds plus (50% of remaining funds) multiplied by (days since first deposit or last withdrawal divided by 90 days). Any early withdrawal will lead to an automatic loss of at least part of your funds. The only way to avoid not losing any deposited funds is to wait the full 90-day lock period.

Attention! The early exit penalty is imposed on the principal deposited, leaving the vault too early can result in huge financial losses.

More Yield for xTETU

Through dxTETU it is possible to lock your xTETU tokens and earn even more returns through:

  • Early exit penalties.

  • Emission incentives.

The locking mechanism provides a dynamic that dxTETU holders can have the opportunity to earn an even greater return relative to early exit penalties from other users.

All early exit penalties are paid to all other active Diamond Vault depositors proportionate to their dxTETU holdings. dxTETU investors, therefore, have the ability to not only earn significantly higher APR but also additional rewards from premature withdrawals.

dxTETU Patient Holders have the potential to earn even more.

Using dxTETU

When using dxTETU it is important to pay attention to some additional features of the Diamond Vault.

  • dxTETU can't be transferred to avoid tricks that ignore the mechanics of the vesting period.

  • additional deposits does not reset the lock duration countdown. Only withdrawals reset the timer to 90 days.


Everyone is free to participate in the protocol governance discussions, which usually take place in Discord, however, in DAO voting proposals only dxTETU holders can vote.

The locking effect is also leveraged in protocol governance so that only dxTETU holders can govern it. Having to meet the 90-day locking period for no early exit penalties makes it more unlikely for users to manipulate governance votes through large TETU purchases.

Reflection Voting

dxTETU holders receive the voting rights that liquid staked tokens like tetuQI or tetuBAL provide, giving the ability to vote in their own governance activities like proposals or gauge weights for their native emissions.


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