veTETU is a non-fungible token that serves as the foundation of TETU V2, an improved version of the TETU platform. It is designed to improve capital efficiency, liquidity, and asset management within the TETU ecosystem.

veTETU has the following characteristics:

  • It's non-transferable;
  • It's lock period range from 1 to 16 weeks;
  • The voting power of veTETU decreases linearly during the lock period.
veTETU voting power determines the rewards and vote weights on the TETU platform. Voting power can be increased by extending the lock time or increasing the locked amount.
You can find the information on how to get veTETU in our Medium article.
With the launch of veTETU, xTETU and dxTETU have been deprecated. You can withdraw your funds from Diamond Vault without penalties and migrate to veTETU. This way, you will retain all of the benefits of xTETU and dxTETU and gain access to new possibilities offered by veTETU. The migration process is outlined in our Medium article.
If you own one or more veTETU tokens, there are two options to manage them: Merging and Splitting. The merging feature allows you to combine two veTETU tokens into one. On the other hand, the splitting feature allows you to divide a single veTETU token into two separate NFTs. Instructions on how to use these features can be found in the Medium article mentioned earlier.