TetuVault V2

Tetu VaultV2 boasts a host of advanced features, including:

  • ERC-4626 compatibility.

  • Improved strategy splitter.

  • Insurance system to mitigate losses from auto-covering strategies.

  • StrategySplitterV2 is now a part of the system.

  • Cheap transactions, with deposit and withdrawal fees amounting to less than 200k.

  • Users will have the ability to control the automatic HardWorks system and a built-in system for calculating strategy profitability.

With minimal deposit and withdrawal fees of 0.2%, which will be directed to the Insurance contract, the vault is ideal for farming a wide variety of LP tokens, pools with taxes, and more. The new SplitterV2 eliminates the need for manual rebalancing and is optimized for farming stable sources of income from popular DEXs and lending platforms such as Uniswap V3.

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