Max Supply: 1 billion tokens

No more than 1 billion TETU tokens will ever be brought into existence.

Minting period: 4 years

All TETU supply will be minted over 4 years, the minting period will end in August 2025.

  • 70% of all weekly minted TETU goes for rewards initiatives.

  • 30% of weekly minted TETU will be immediately available on the multisig contract.

Emission Schedule

This graph shows the total token supply (total number of existing tokens) during the distributing period

According to the DAO voting on January 23, 2023, 534 million TETU tokens were reallocated from the old FundKeeper contract to new immutable contracts, following the distribution rule of 70% for rewards initiatives and 30% for protocol development.

As a result, 70% was bridged to the mainnet and locked in an immutable contract with a 6-month cliff (delay) and a 12-month distribution period using a linear formula.

The remaining 30% stayed on Polygon and were locked in a new immutable contract with a 24-month distribution period also using a linear formula.

TETU emissions are currently paused, they have the potential to be resumed if the community chooses to do so. Vesting contract to snapshot proposal

Polygon vesting contract Mainnet vesting contract

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