Tetu's governance is primarily driven by veTETU. As the governance token, veTETU holders have the power to shape the future of Tetu by voting on governance proposals. The voting power of veTETU is directly proportional to the amount of veTETU held by a user, and the locking of veTETU in the Tetu ecosystem can also provide additional benefits.

The voting process is straightforward and transparent. veTETU holders can cast their vote by connecting to the snapshot page and selecting their preferred option. The weight of each vote is proportional to the amount of veTETU held by the user.

Overall, the governance system of Tetu is designed to be decentralized and community-driven. By giving veTETU holders the power to make decisions, Tetu can be guided in a direction that is aligned with the interests of the community.

Discussions on Discord are an important part of the Tetu governance process. Through these discussions, members of the community can engage in constructive dialogue and share their ideas for how to improve the protocol. This helps to shape the development of Tetu improvement proposals, which can then be voted on through the governance system.

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