Strategy Splitter

The Strategy Splitter is an effective feature of Tetu's vaults.

The Strategy Splitter is a feature that works as a vault extension. The Strategy Splitter enables the vault to maximize yield farming gains through optimal asset allocation.

The Strategy Splitter analyzes the statistics of earnings results provided by the vault strategies allowing the calculation of ideal ratios based on the data provided by the statistics, in this way the Strategy Splitter maximizes the profits of the vaults.

Strategy Splitter rebalances occur approximately once a day, the allocation of assets in the strategies is carried out automatically according to the profitability of each strategy.

The strategies used by the Strategy Splitter and the % of assets exposed to each strategy is displayed below the asset name. Note that the Strategy Splitter performs the most appropriate allocation in the strategies used by each vault, in some vaults it exposes more assets in a strategy than others.

If a strategy is exploited or becomes compromised, other strategies in the vault will not lose money, in case of emergency, rebalances will be manually stopped.


The process of withdrawing funds from the strategy works normally like any other vault, but there is one exception that is when the user has an amount greater than the optimal withdrawal amount. The withdrawal transaction may fail due to gas issues.

When this occurs the user will see a special UI that looks a bit like this:

In this scenario, to remove the assets from the vault, the user will need to:

  • perform the “Request” transaction

  • after that perform the “Process” transaction

After confirming the “Process” the user’s assets will be available in the Strategy Splitter and the user will see the standard UI and be able to withdraw the assets without problems.

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