HardWork is a smart contract function that compounds the yield generated by Tetu strategies. When HardWork is called, a portion of the rewards are distributed back into the underlying yield farm, and the remaining rewards are then allocated by the Profit Destination ratio.

HardWorks can be tracked in real-time on the hard-works room on discord. Marked in blue are two examples from HardWorks, one where 1414 TETU was bought back from the DAI vault of the AAVE folding strategy, and the other where 15091 TETU was bought back from the KLIMA vault.

The total result of HardWorks since the creation of Tetu can be seen on the stats page under "Strategies earned TETU" below is displayed the amount in TETU of the platform's production in the last 24 hours and the % of how much the production in the last 24 hours represents in relation to the total already earned.

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