Tetu v2 was audited by PeckShield and found to be secure. According to the auditor:

"Based on Tetu, the audited Tetu v2 introduces some new features, which enables protocol users to participate in governance with veTETU, improves the TetuVault with new deposit/withdraw fees, and introduces new SplitterV2 with auto-rebalance logic adopted to multiple farming strategies, etc. During the audit, we notice that the current code base is well organized and those identified issues are promptly confirmed and fixed. Meanwhile, we need to emphasize that smart contracts as a whole are still in an early, but exciting stage of development."

Bug Bounty Program

Tetu V2 has a Bug Bounty Program by Immunefi that aims to increase the security of the protocol's smart contracts by offering rewards in TETU to white hat hackers and users who identify weaknesses and demonstrate them with a PoC.

Check the scope and rules of Tetu's Bug Bounty program on Immunefi.


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