TetuSwap was built based on an Uniswap fork with few changes to be able to integrate SmartVaults to SwapPairs. A strong fundamental characteristic of TetuSwap is to provide excellent capital efficiency for traders and liquidity providers through intelligent and automated allocation of resources.

With TetuSwap users can trade paying relatively low fees, currently 0.10%. Other exchanges on the market generally charge a standard fee of between 0.25% ~ 0.30% per transaction. Trading costs on TetuSwap are considerably lower.

Trading costs are considerably lower and this creates a favorable atmosphere to attract users willing to trade, even with a low trading fee, TetuSwap can be very attractive for Liquidity Providers who are interested in serving the trading volume available on TetuSwap . The competitive 0.10% trading fee suggests that Liquidity Providers will have an attractive gain in scale and large trading volume on their LP position.

When swaps occur, TetuSwap automatically deposits or withdraws from Yield Farming vaults the exact amount of assets needed to execute the swap.

Through the automatic asset allocation of TetuSwap that deposits assets in Tetu to yield farming, Liquidity Providers obtain as a result the reduction of idleness and an increase in the utilization of assets.


TetuSwap smart contracts have been audited by Certik to ensure greater security and confidence when using TetuSwap.


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