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Here you can find some guidance on how to use Tetu V2.

Investing and Boosting

The veTETU Boosting System works similarly to the veCRV boosting system. Users are able to deposit funds into the Tetu platform and add veTETU NFTs as a "boost" to their deposits, which increases their overall earning potential. This works by allowing the veTETU NFTs to amplify the returns generated by the underlying assets in the vault.

The veTETU boosting system offers a way for users to increase their APR on Tetu deposits. The amount of veTETU held by a user affects the boost level, with those not attaching a veTETU NFT having the lowest APR. However, users do not need to hold a large amount of veTETU to see a significant boost. The reward boost is non-linear, meaning that small depositors can still effectively boost their returns without the need for a huge deposit in the gauge.

To learn more about how boost works check out the detailed article

veTETU Withdrawal

To initiate a withdrawal from veTETU, users must first select the specific veTETU. An important factor to consider is the voting history tied to the selected veTETU. Should any votes have been cast using this veTETU, a voting reset is required before proceeding with the withdrawal.

Vault Info

On the Vault Info page, users can access important information such as the total value locked (TVL), the number of users in the vault, and the total profits and losses generated by the vault.

Managing veTETU NFTs

Users have the ability to merge their veTETU NFTs to concentrate their voting power. On the other hand, users can also split their veTETU NFTs to diversify their votes. A step by step guide on how to merge and split veTETU NFTs can be found in the accompanying article.

Platform Attributes

This section introduces the Platforming Voting home page, which serves as a comprehensive overview of the Tetu platform. Users can adjust platform attributes by voting with veTETU. One of the things that can be voted on is the percentage of profits that go to the investment fund. In addition, users can also vote on the percentage of emissions that go to vaults as incentives. When a user votes using their veTETU, each vote uses up one of their veTETU power. This means that if a user has 10 veTETU power and uses all 10 to vote on the investment fund, they won't be able to use any of their remaining veTETU power to vote on other attributes like vaults or bribes. Each veTETU power can only be used for one vote at a time, and once used, it cannot be used again until the vote is revoked or expires. When a user votes for an attribute in the Tetu platform using their veTETU tokens, a portion of their total veTETU is allocated to that specific attribute.

For instance, if a user has 100 veTETU and votes 10% for the Investment Fund and 10% for vaults, then 10 veTETU votes are assigned to the Investment Fund and 9 veTETU votes (10% of the remaining 90) go to vaults. This leaves 81 veTETU which are automatically allocated to bribes.

It's important to note that the remaining veTETU will be automatically allocated to the remaining attributes that haven't been voted on, at the time of the voting decision. This means that a user must consider how their remaining veTETU will be allocated before making their initial votes.


Users can attach bribes to vaults and vote with their veTETU power to increase the APR of the vault. The effect of the veTETU votes on the APR is displayed in real-time at the moment of voting.

tetuBAL gauge reflection

The voting channel on Tetu Discord allows users to keep track of the gauge reflection votes and make decisions accordingly. Additionally, the Tetu Community page provides a valuable resource for users to analyze the most profitable pools and make the best use of their votes.


Users can view and claim veTETU rewards and also rewards from the gauges and bribes.

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