Smart Vault is a combination of implementations drawn from Synthetix pool for their innovative reward distributing and Yearn vault for their share price model.

Both implementations are well tested and audited, so implement them without major changes.

Vaults have protection against external contract usage and any contract is whitelisted before being put to work in our protocol.

No fees for deposit / withdraw


By default all vaults use the Synthetix pool mechanics for distributing wrapped profits during the week long period.

Vault rewards have two parts - weekly rewards from TETU emission and rewards that vaults strategy earns from an external project.

When you stake assets - the asset will earn yield - and this yield will distribute the following 4 weeks (without any locking period). Anyone who enters the vault will get a part of previous profits and stop earning their portion of the profit share upon leaving the vault.

It is a system for rewards that decreases over time. One thing to consider is that the investor will hold an asset for 4 weeks after the rewards end in the external pool due to the distributing period. It will be good for the external project since we provide liquidity even when they end the rewards period. Some external projects increase the underlying value during the time (like Wault pools) and it will be reflected in the share price.

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