Yield Farming

The first step in implementing our vision is to launch Tetu’s yield farming platform to generate stable cash flow for investors.

Smart Vault

Vaults and Pools are merged into one contract - the Smart Vault. Now you have one place where you store all your money, and are free to use interest-bearing xVault tokens as collateral. This dramatically increases the composability of the asset while minimizing the number of interactions our investors have to make in order to benefit from the full compounding effect of their farms.

Investment Fund

The Investment Fund serves to allocate resources towards investments, with an aim to create a sustained flow of financial returns. Prior to the implementation of Tetu v2, a fixed percentage, specifically 10%, of all rewards were directed towards the Investment Fund. However, with the introduction of Tetu v2, this ratio is now determined through veTETU voting on platform attributes.

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