Links contracts update 1.4.0

These changes were made since version 1.3.0 and deployed during November-December 2021
The main work was about Fantom launch adjustments.

Base Contracts

Controller 1.2.0 -> 1.3.0

Added new event logs.
Optimized contract size - removed modificators.
Mint function now has predefined recipients.
Preparation for Gelato usage for AMB strategies rebalances.

ForwarderV2 1.0.0 -> 1.2.0

Totaly new logic for creating routes for the liquidation process.

SmartVault 1.5.1 -> 1.8.2

Added logic for deposit fee.
Optimized contract size - removed modificators.
Added protection mode.
Reentrance lock protection for deposit/withdraw



Create autocompound logic with adjustable percent.
The more flexible way to collect and liquidate profit.
Optimized redeem process.

New strategies:

  • DinoV2
  • Scream
  • QuickSwap Dual farming
  • VESQ


OpenZappelin contracts moved to local files

TetuSwapFactory 1.0.1 -> 1.10

Added necessary time-locks and events