tetuMESH is a liquid staking product. Through tetuMESH it is possible to participate in MESH staking obtaining the benefits of locking MESH for the maximum period. By minting tetuMESH the MESH will be locked in Tetu practically forever. But it is possible to sell tetuMESH on Meshswap.

In the same way it is possible to buy tetuMESH directly instead of depositing MESH, this option becomes more attractive when there is a discount on the price of tetuMESH. You can learn more about Meshswap in the documentation.

There are two MESH strategies available in Tetu, lock MESH by 1:1 tetuMESH or deposit tetuMESH-MESH LP. To obtain the tetuMESH-MESH LP it is necessary to deposit it on Meshswap. There is a step by step of how to deposit tetuMESH-MESH LP on the liquid staking page.

Benefits of liquid staking

  • Earnings based on maximum Meshswap locking period.

  • MESH staking rewards, airdrop token rewards, pool transaction fee rewards, and ecopot token rewards with 8x efficiency.

  • Exit Liquidity

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