Investment Fund

The Tetu protocol structure is build in a way to provide a small exposure to the real world economy. 10% of all farmed rewards go to the Investment Fund. Profits from real world assets investments will be distributed to veTETU holders.

Investment Fund Advantages

The objective of the investment fund is to provide sufficient integration with the real world economy, through this integration it will be possible to obtain some advantages:

  • Diversification and exposure to real economy assets.

  • A direct financial flow between Defi and the real economy.

  • Strategic advantage for mass adoption of Crypto and Defi.


The Investment Fund can obtain this exposure to real world economy through direct investment in these real assets or even through synthetic assets.


The investment fund can invest in various sectors, real estate, mining, energy, technology, stocks and commodities. There is no pre-established investment scope for the investment fund and this generates high flexibility, the essential thing is that investments carry out an asset allocation with exposure to the real economy.


Profits made from investments in the real economy will eventually be distributed in the future to veTETU holders.

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