Welcome to the veTETU Utility page, where the benefits and features of holding veTETU are showcased. As a holder of veTETU, users have access to a range of utilities that can help maximize returns and improve the experience on the Tetu platform. These utilities can be the primary reason why individuals decide to invest in Tetu. The page aims to provide an overview of the various utilities available to veTETU holders and how they can help users achieve their financial goals in the DeFi space.

Reflection Gauge Proposals

Holders of veTETU have the ability to vote in reflection gauge proposals. Tetu has acquired governance in Balancer through tetuBAL product, which allows Tetu to influence the BAL emissions. veTETU holders can vote for any Balancer gauge in the reflection gauge proposals and then receive bribes from third parties. Here is the link to the Discord channel where gauge reflection proposals are announced.

Rewards from Holding veTETU

Holding veTETU tokens provides users with the opportunity to receive rewards. These rewards are a share of the fees generated from Tetu's various products, including its farming vaults. By holding veTETU, users can earn a share of the profits made by the platform. Also, veTETU holders can receive bribes if they vote for gauges with bribes attached. In DeFi, bribers can attach a bribe to a particular gauge to incentivize liquidity of desired vaults without spending too much. Voters that accept bribes earn an additional profit.

Boost User Rewards from Vaults

veTETU holders are able to improve their earnings and APR by using their veTETU to boost the vaults that they are farming. The veTETU boost system is similar to the Curve Finance boost system. The final result of boosting is influenced by the TVL and veTETU power from everyone in the vault.

Vote for Compound Ratio and Platform Attributes

Users can vote for the auto-compound ratio on the strategy page using their veTETU tokens. This vote determines the allocation of profits generated by Tetu, defining the percentage of profits that will be allocated to auto compounding in the underlying vault and the portion that will be distributed to users. Users are also able to vote on platform attributes such as the Profit Share ratio and Investment Fund ratio. This allows users to have a say in how profits are managed and can potentially increase their earnings.

Governance in Vault Rewarding

Holders of veTETU have governance over how profits earned by the platform are distributed, including how the emissions of TETU are distributed to incentivize vaults in Tetu.

Vote for Farming Strategy

Through the Tetu governance system, users holding veTETU tokens can vote for the strategies they prefer to be implemented in farming. By casting their vote, users can have a say in how the platform's resources are allocated and which strategies are pursued.

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