Time Lock

Time Locks are a smart contract feature that states that some actions will only be performed after a certain period of time rather than immediately.

There are critical actions that can be used for the good development of the protocol, but the same functions can be performed by malicious individuals with the intention of harming users. Time Lock protects the user from malicious actions and individuals providing time to user protects their funds in case they identify suspicious activities.

All critical contracts in TETU have a 48 hour timelock to provide greater security to users. Very instructive articles on how to check Time Lock Schedule and perform Emergency Withdraw can be read in Guides.

Proxy contracts with 48 time-lock

Tetu has two types of proxy contracts:

  • TetuProxyControlled - upgrade can be done only after announcing in Announcer and 48h time-lock period expired

  • TetuProxyGov - proxy contracts without time-lock, governance can upgrade it at any time. We are using for the most noncritical contracts (contracts with view functions and governance infrastructure)

List of time-locked proxy contracts:

  • Announcer

  • Bookkeeper

  • Controller

  • FeeRewardForwarder

  • FundKeeper

  • VaultController

  • MintHelper

  • All SmartVault instances

  • TetuSwapFactory

Proxy without time-lock

  • AutoRewarder (reward distribution processing under full control of governance)

  • RewardCalculator (only view functions)

  • PayrollClerk (governance infrastructure)

  • ContractReader (only view functions)

  • PawnshopReader (only view functions)

  • PriceCalculator (only view functions)

Immutable contracts

  • All strategies

  • TETU token

  • LiquidityBalancer

  • NotifyHelper

  • MultiSwap

  • ZapContract

  • TetuPawnshop

  • TetuSwapPair

  • TetuSwapRouter

  • Mutlicall

  • ContractUtils

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