About Tetu

About Tetu

Founded in August 2021, Tetu is an advanced Web3 protocol that offers pioneering solutions for decentralized asset management. The core values of Tetu include the steadfast pursuit of optimal yield generation and a robust commitment to community-led governance.

Yield Optimizer

Tetu leverages smart contract technology to redefine the strategies employed in yield farming. This is achieved by integrating algorithms that are both efficient and sophisticated, based in delta-neutral and automated solutions. These strategies are designed to exceed the returns typically achievable through manual asset management. Tetu's primary objective is to consistently adapt to market dynamics in order to optimize yield and ensure profitability.

Community Governance

Tetu embodies the principles of decentralization through a strong community governance mechanism. This is operationalized through veTETU tokens, the ownership of which grants voting power to users. This grants them influence over platform attributes and the distribution of rewards. Tetu's governance assets, such as veTETU and tetuBAL, reflect the economic interests of the community, positioning each holder as a crucial participant in shaping the future direction of Tetu.

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