About Tetu

Tetu is a Web3 asset management protocol committed to creating and providing innovative yield management solutions for its users and DeFi investors. The project was created in August 2021 and has since released two versions of its platform. Tetu v1 was designed for simple yield farming strategies, while Tetu v2 maximizes on smart contract structure to focus on more complex strategies like delta neutral and automated solutions.
One of Tetu's unique features is its efficient governance solutions. veTETU holders have the ability to decide on various platform attributes, including the distribution of rewards and the ability to vote on gauge reflections to determine the economic interest of governance assets deposited in Tetu, like veBAL, this puts the power in the hands of the community to shape the future of the platform.


In regards to yield, Tetu's main focus is to provide proper management of assets and maximize opportunities that provide the best profits for its users. Through complex products and sophisticated solutions, Tetu offers automated yield farming strategies that can produce more efficient profits than what a user could achieve through manual management of their positions. Tetu's commitment to innovation and yield management ensures that users can rely on the platform for consistent and optimized yield.

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is an important aspect of the Tetu protocol, as it allows users to benefit from the profits generated by the platform. In particular, Tetu uses a profit sharing mechanism whereby a portion of the profits generated by the protocol are distributed to users through veTETU tokens. Currently, the profit sharing ratio is set at 10%, which means that 10% of the profits generated by Tetu are distributed to veTETU holders.
This mechanism provides an economic incentive for users to hold veTETU tokens and participate in the governance of the Tetu platform. It's worth noting that the profit sharing mechanism is not set in stone and can be adjusted through votes on platform attributes. This allows the Tetu community to adapt the profit sharing ratio to changing market conditions and ensure that the economic incentives of the platform remain aligned with the interests of its users.

Easy to use

Interacting with the Tetu platform is really easy. Through the Zapping Function, the user can easily enter and exit vaults facilitating the entire Yield Farming process and providing additional free hours that would be spent performing many transactions to enter a vault. Tetu saves a lot of time for the user's yield farming activity.

Cross-Chain Operability

Cross-Chain Operability is an important feature of the Tetu protocol. At the moment, Tetu's main strategies are available on both Polygon and Ethereum networks. This provides users with the flexibility to choose the network that works best for them based on factors such as transaction fees and network congestion.
One innovation of Tetu is Cross-chain yield farming, which allows users to easily farm the benefits from main net strategies on a different network. An example of this is the tetuBAL strategy, which allows users to access the benefits of the veBAL strategy on the Ethereum network while utilizing the convenience and speed of the Polygon network.
The development of tetuBAL was an important step for Tetu, as it demonstrated the protocol's ability to deploy safe and efficient cross-chain strategies. This not only provides users with increased accessibility and convenience, but also allows for strategies that may not have been previously available on certain networks to be utilized.


Holders of veTETU tokens have the ability to participate in governance decisions and express their opinions on important matters concerning the Tetu protocol.

Experienced Team

The Tetu team comprises more than 6 experienced DeFi members who have already implemented many unique solutions.

Early Stage and Limited Supply

Tetu team envisions the Future. Tetu's supply has a maximum limit of 1 Billion TETU tokens which are planned to be minted over 4 years, getting the full Supply in August 2025. The Tetu project is still in an early stage. It was launched on the 3rd of August 2021.

Fair Launch

No Pre-Sale and No VC. All TETU distributions were made through Yield Farming since launch.

Safe to use

Tetu is committed to providing a secure and safe platform for its users. To achieve this, Tetu has undergone multiple audits by reputable third-party auditing firms, ensuring that the smart contracts are functioning as intended and are free of critical vulnerabilities. Additionally, Tetu has implemented multiple security measures, including timelocks, to further protect the platform and its users. Critical contract actions are protected by 3/5 MultiSig.

Prepared for the next stage

Tetu is designed to be an automated decentralized yield management platform. The team understands that there are steps toward mass adoption of DeFi, and for that, it is prepared for the next phase of the market. In the spirit of contributing to the effects of mass adoption of DeFi, the Tetu investment fund aims to build an integration between DeFi and solid real-world assets that deliver a good yield.

Skilled and flexible development

The Tetu development team is attentive to user feedback so that excellent ideas capable of generating good yield are developed and implemented.
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