About Tetu

Tetu is a Web3 asset management protocol committed to creating and providing innovative yield management solutions for its users and DeFi investors. The Tetu core team has deep industry knowledge in building back-end international banking systems and development with leading global payment processing infrastructure.
The core team lead left the safety of his multi-national job security and benefits to venture out into the unknown. He started applying his development skills during the 2020 DeFi Summer, where he ended up leading community development for Harvest Finance. While completing his work there, he saw the opportunity to bring together code from Synthetix and Yearn to create a completely new solution for yield management. Taking only the best of the first generation of tokenomics and yield aggregation and bringing them together into a new secure and scalable platform called Tetu.
The core team brings together industry leaders from development, business development, hedge funds, and design to deliver a product to its investors where they can simplify their rewards harvesting activities across various farms, hundreds of vaults, and multiple chains.

The Full Power of Money Lego

Tetu's system attributes a huge yield efficiency to every cent circulating in the system. Yield farming assets generate LP fee efficiency and are rewarded with xTETU, the interest-bearing TETU token, which in turn is also accumulating TETU rewards through TETU buybacks. Tetu's system attributes enormous end-to-end productivity to every penny deposited, making it capable of providing an efficient user experience in any way that he decides to use the platform as earning yield through xTETU, providing liquidity to Tetu, Yield Farming, participating in governance, or trading.

Value and Yield

xTETU is the Profit Sharing mechanism of Tetu. xTETU acts as the central pillar of the entire Tetu platform to provide excellent Yield management and capital allocation experience. In addition to yield farming income, the TETU token also has its value backed by the protocol-owned liquidity and investment fund assets.

Yield Farming

Receive a high yield from Yield Farming using the Tetu platform. Rewards are automatically distributed in xTETU, which in turn generates income automatically through Tetu buyback.

Easy to use

Interacting with the Tetu platform is really easy. Through the Zapping Function, the user can easily enter and exit vaults facilitating the entire Yield Farming process and providing additional free hours that would be spent performing many transactions to enter a vault. Tetu saves a lot of time for the user's yield farming activity.

Multi-Chain Support

Tetu, which runs the Polygon blockchain, now supports transactions on two other major blockchain networks - Fantom and Binance Smart Chain. Users of both networks can now benefit from Tetu’s secure and rewarding yield farming strategies. Tetu will also support more blockchain networks in the future.


Through Diamond Vault - dxTETU, users can govern the protocol and participate in decisions that will shape the project's future. Best of all, participating in the governance process rewards users with an even higher yield through dxTETU.

Experienced Team

The Tetu team comprises more than 6 experienced DeFi members who have already implemented many unique solutions.

Early Stage and Limited Supply

Tetu team envisions the Future. Tetu's supply has a maximum limit of 1 Billion TETU tokens which are planned to be minted over 4 years, getting the full Supply in August 2025. The Tetu project is still in an early stage. It was launched on the 3rd of August 2021.

Fair Launch

No Pre-Sale and No VC. All TETU distributions were made through Yield Farming since launch.

Safe to use

Safety is TETU's top priority. New features undergo rigorous testing before being released. Tetu has two audits, one performed by DefiYield and the other by PeckShield. Critical contract actions are protected by 3/4 MultiSig. The Tetu team is public, and any important changes require a 48-hour Time lock.

Prepared for the next stage

Tetu is designed to be an automated decentralized yield management platform. The team understands that there are steps toward mass adoption of DeFi, and for that, it is prepared for the next phase of the market. In the spirit of contributing to the effects of mass adoption of DeFi, the Tetu investment fund aims to build an integration between DeFi and solid real-world assets that deliver a good yield.

Enhanced profitability

Tetu system is focused on enhanced profitability for the user. The sophistication of the system provides more stable returns for volatile assets and higher returns for stable assets, all this in a way that the entire platform's returns are concentrated in the distribution of TETU through Profit Share xTETU. Rewards from Yield Farming are used to buy back TETU so that 45% is distributed to xTETU holders, 45% is directed to acquiring protocol-owned liquidity, and 10% is directed to the Tetu investment fund.

Skilled and flexible development

The Tetu development team is attentive to user feedback so that excellent ideas capable of generating good yield are developed and implemented.

Tetu products


Tetu is the yield management platform where users earn income by yield farming. There are two types of yield farming vaults. They are; standard vaults and auto compound vaults. The yield management platform also offers more advanced yield farming strategies such as folding strategies based on lending protocols and Multi-strategy, which currently achieves even higher yields through the use of three Defi protocols.


TetuSwap is Tetu's decentralized exchange. It provides excellent capital efficiency for traders and liquidity providers. In addition to low trading fees, liquidity providers' gains are increased on TetuSwap through the automated deposit of LP assets in Tetu's yield farming vaults. When swaps occur, TetuSwap removes the optimal amount of assets from the vaults to perform the swap.

Yield Farming

Tetu's Yield Farming strategies enable users to earn a high yield without extreme risks.

Liquid Staking

Users can gain multiple benefits from Tetu's liquid staking products, with an option to exit the staking pool anytime.


tetuQi is a liquidity staking product for the QiDAO


tetuBAL is a liquidity staking product for the Balancer protocol


tetuMESH is a liquidity staking product for the MeshSwap protocol

Decentralized Exchange

Tetu's DEX (TetuSwap) gives users an optimal experience with its low trading fees.