Tetu Second Stage
The Second Stage is one of the Tetu's main goal.
At a minimum, this concept can be done with simple manual investing in any project that can be farmed in a regular way (timelocks, long vesting and etc.)
With time, we should replace profit from DeFi projects with profit from real investments. It can be done with conceptions of Platforms & Packages.


Should have an infrastructure for creating "packages". It includes:
  • Territory
  • Security
  • Personal service
  • Initial amount of "packages" as proof of concept
If a platform is based in some country it should have a legal organization and be available to have any spending and payments in Ethereum. Also, this organization should be able to hold cryptocurrency. A lot of documents is required depending on local regulations.
If a platform is based in International waters it should provide additional security for keeping everything safe. In the case of Earth orbital location, it requires additional international allowance and documentations. Any other location in an open space is too early for discussion.
All stuff under control of Platform should be covered on 100% insurance and the insurance owner should be 'Platform Implementer". All internal payments should be in crypto, which includes salary payments, service payments, tax payments, and any other.
The creations platform process should be 100% transparent and should be done with cryptocurrency except in some rare cases. In the case of fiat payments, all documents should be provided. In few words, the Platform should be a 100% transparent organization with clear metrics on-chain.
Platform should provide on-chain info about:
  • Package capacity
  • Package cost
  • Package profit estimation
  • Current package profit
  • Package time of creation
Any profit should be immediately distributed to
  • Platform Implementer
  • Package Creator
  • Internal fee funds


It is a contract with governance that will be able to create a Platform.
Platform Implementer should provide details on-chain about:
  • Platform final cost
  • Weekly service cost
  • Estimations about weekly Package profit
  • Platform time of creation
  • Risk Index
  • Insurance information
  • Information about organization
  • Location information
  • Information about all required external services (such as a technic seller, power seller, employee vendor and others.)
The Implementer organization should have a multi-sig wallet with well-known public persons. The platform should have an audit from a trusted company. All organization funds should be on-chain in the multi-sig wallet.


Any Platform Implementer provide information about available Packages with metrics:
  • Cost
  • Time for implementation
  • Risk index
  • Profit estimation
Package buyers can choose from the best packages and provide money for the best option at the current time if they have enough money. If no packages are available, buyer shall be able to purchase a Platform from a list of available platforms.


All risks should be covered by insurance such as:
  • Risks related to major force like cataclysm, fire and other events.
  • Platform rug pull risks.
  • Any hack risks.
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