Tetu Roadmap


  • Pawnshop
  • TetuSwap v2
  • Zapping v2
  • New Farming Strategies

2022 - 2023

  • Create Meta Platform. This concept will work as an all in one solution
  • Low gas cost through zkRollups
  • Multi platform and Multi network strategies through a single deposit
  • TetuSwap with multiple pricing logics such as concentrated liquidity, stable swap, classic v2 and personalized liquidity. Limit orders. DEX aggregator service.
  • Lending Platform
  • Deploy on Third Network

2024 and beyond

  • Lending platform with multiple mechanics like AAVE v3, QiDAO, Impermax and Alpaca. P2P Loans for Lending Platform
  • Real World Assets farming
  • Real Estate liquidity, trading and lending services through NFTs
  • Create a program for senior Builders who want to start their own platform
  • Create a universal farming contract for any asset from any platform. Like a Uniswap for any token but TETU farm for any token