Liquidity Providing
In addition to standard gains from trading fees and Tetu Rewards incentives, Liquidity Providers also have a boosted reward because TetuSwap’s LP assets are not only regular LP positions, they are also working on yield management strategies of Tetu, so the LP positions on TetuSwap achieve an even higher level of efficiency, making it an even more attractive investment for Liquidity Providers.
Thus, there are three sources of income for Liquidity Providers:
  • Trading fees
  • Rewards Incentives
  • Earnings from strategies
With these sources of earnings Liquidity Providers have good incentives to Yield Farming on TetuSwap.

Sinergy with Yield

As stated before, LP positions in TetuSwap are not regular LP positions as seen in other exchanges, assets positioned in LP positions on TetuSwap are also automatically allocated in Tetu's classic Yield Farming strategies, in this way Tetu provides liquidity providers enormous utilization efficiency to your assets. This sinergy works in favor of the simultaneous increase in TVL of Tetu and TetuSwap.
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