Yield Farming
The first step in implementing our vision is to launch Tetu’s yield farming platform to generate stable cash flow for our investors and developers.
We have implemented best in industry Yield Farming concepts, with some key changes.

Earn more

Strategies convert all reward tokens to TETU tokens and store these in the Profit Share pool (xTETU).
The strategy allocates all profit to the Profit Share xTETU pool, on which investors have a hard claim. xTETU is an interest-bearing token distributed during the following week. The profit proportion is a variable adjusted according to community consensus - in the first week, it starts at 0% but with large TETU token reward emissions. As the project progresses, a larger share of profit will go to the xTETU token holders as TETU emissions decrease.

Smart Vault

Vaults and Pools are merged into one contract - the Smart Vault. Now you have one place where you store all your money, and are free to use interest-bearing xVault tokens as collateral. This dramatically increases the composability of the asset while minimizing the number of interactions our investors have to make in order to benefit from the full compounding effect of their farms.

Investment Fund

10% of all rewards go to Investment Fund, this money will be used to invest in attractive projects that are able to generate great returns and offers relative low risk.
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